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Our new tutorial series – How to Online Marketing

We’re super excited to share with you that lately we have been working on a new tutorial series – “How to Online Marketing”.

These tutorials guide the viewer through small hacks on the different marketing platforms out there. Hacks that will save you hours of trying to figure out how to do stuff on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram and others.… Read More

The “Open Sesame” of Online Marketing

You know how the saying goes for retail/food serving businesses? There are only 3 crucial elements for its success – location, location, location.

It’s the same for most types of marketing campaigns, only with leads.

We can hear advertisers’ objection through the screen so let’s just clarify –awareness and consideration as objectives are as important on the path to reach conversions.… Read More

How many users are on…?

The last quarter of the year is high time for marketers and business owners.

We thought it is a good time to bring together stats about some of the biggest communities out there and show the potential of reach for businesses in terms of monthly and daily users, around the world and in Mauritius (where it’s relevant).… Read More

This Was 2016

We did it in 2014, and then we did it in 2015, now it’s time to summarize 2016.

Every year we bring you some great summaries from the most interesting channels online, in one post. The end of the year is a good time to look back, understand what interested people, what they were searching for, what they cared about and what they were hoping for.… Read More