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12 Do’s on your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

As Facebook is a social network, used by everyone, including business owners, some of them use their business’s page as they use their personal profile. This is a misguided approach. Facebook users that look at your business page, expect it to give a “formal” however served in a “friendly” way information about your business (further explanation followed).

We’ve already shared with you what NOT to do on your business’s Facebook page, and in this article we’ll complete the picture with what you SHOULD do.

  1. APPEARANCE. Your online presence is your e-business-card. As Facebook is (almost, after Google) the most popular website in the world and the #1 website in Mauritius, you should expect your clients and potential clients to check your business’s page on Facebook. Make sure what they see reflects high standards. The name of your page is important – make it short and to the point (coordinated with your business’s name, of course). Implement appropriate profile photo and cover photo, adjusted properly in size. Make sure the “about” us section has all the details. Posts that include photos and videos should be in right dimensions and good quality, both for desktop and mobile devices. Make sure you use your photos. And if not, act according to photos' rights rules. Professional appearance reflects on the way Facebook users will perceive your business.
Facebook is the most popular website in Mauritius. Your business's page on FB is your business card online. FB is the most popular website in Mauritius. Your business's page on FB is your business card online. Screen shot from Alexa.
  1. POSTS’ CONTENT. Together with your links, photos and videos you should write something. Always. Your text should be very well written, in a clean language, without mistakes (spelling or typing) and should include the message you want to send per specific post. One marketing message is enough and you should add a call to action (contact us/call us on…/explore our website/visit us).
  1. ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO ENGAGE WITH YOUR POSTS. Engagement is THE most important parameter Facebook is examining when it comes to content in its platform. If there’s engagement, Facebook promotes and exposes it more. Why? Because if there’s engagement, it means people like it. If people like it, Facebook is liking it. If Facebook is liking it, you’ll enjoy FB's rewarding.
  1. TALK SOCIAL. KEEP YOUR PRODUCT IN. People come to Facebook because they love connecting with people. Because it’s fun. Facebook is a social network and as such, your business should adjust accordingly. That means that your posts should be “friendly” oriented, with a “social” attitude. On the other hand, you use Facebook for businesses to boost your business up, so combine a sub-text/message that relates to your product.
  1. REPLY TO ENGAGEMENTS IN A MATTER OF MINUTES/HOURS. Facebook allows you to connect with your clients/potential clients directly. Don’t forget that this communication comes both ways so when someone is commenting, replying, asking something, you MUST reply and in a matter of minutes/hours. Not longer than 24 hours. Facebook is a fast moving platform. What happened yesterday, or even 3 hours ago, is way down the feed.
Facebook is a fast moving platform. Reply fast to your clients. Screen shot from Belles 35's FB page, elegant fashion for women in Mauritius. Facebook is a fast moving platform. Reply fast to your clients. Screen shot from Belles 35's FB page, elegant fashion for women in Mauritius.
  1. BE CONSISTENT WITH THE TIMING. Make sure you post every X days. It will keep your fans updated and used to your timing. It will also “rank” you well on Facebook’s platform. Facebook encourages businesses to post regularly and consistently. As the owner of the platform, taking advice from Facebook will be the wise thing to do
  1. EXPERIMENT DIFFERENT TARGETING, DAYS AND HOURS. One of the most amazing things about Facebook is the targeting options. You can target anything from future brides and grooms, future moms and future travellers through job titles, specific living area all the way to specific ages, genders and interests. You know what is your clients’ general characterizations, now all you have to do is try different Facebook targeting and learn with which one you get the best results. Not only that, different audiences engage differently along the day and week. It’s not only that you can know when are your users most active but also test when are they more responsive to your posts.
FB shows you when are your users online. Screen shot from one of the pages Quantum Media manages. FB shows you when are your users online. Screen shot from one of the pages Quantum Media manages.
  1. LEARN AND IMPROVE. USE “INSIGHTS”. The most important information about your page, your activity and its performance is under “Insights”. With this tool you can learn a lot about your posts – what was working well and what wasn’t, who responded to your posts and how many people engaged with it. It’s a lot of information but it is the most valuable one to look at.
  1. INVEST FOR EXPOSURE. RUN SPONSORED CAMPAIGNS. The equation is pretty simple: if you won’t invest, for the very least a few $$ in your page every month, your exposure won’t be big enough. We’ve already shared with you that latest January (2015), Facebook changed its algorithms so that promotional ads will get less organic exposure on the feed. And it did. The bad news are not that bad as in order to get exposure to thousands of people, your investment doesn’t need to be huge. At all.
Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.06.43 PM Different sponsored campaign options on Facebook
      1. IF YOU RUN CAMPAIGNS, USE “REPORTS” TO ANALYZE THEIR RESULTS. Similarly to “Insights”, “Reports” give you all the information about your campaign. The interesting part is the cost actions. How much did each engagement “cost” you? How much was your CPC? CPM? How much was your unique vs. raw engagement? More interesting parameters, which are not related to cost are CTR (click through rate) and “relevance score”.
        1. USE FACEBOOK AS A TRAFFIC SOURCE TO YOUR OTHER ASSESTS. The people that see your page should know where you are (Mauritius? Where in Mauritius?), what is your website's address and how to contact you, that is not through Facebook, but over the phone, email or others. The direct connection you have with clients on Facebook is a window of opportunity to bring them to your other platforms. One strong recommendation we can give is to implement a Facebook remarketing pixel on your website. Facebook will create a “Custom audience” for you, which you’ll be able to target directly on your Facebook's campaigns. Not only that, you can then create “look alike” audiences! Why is it helpful? Simply because it increases chances to conversions!
Use Facebook to drive traffic to your other platforms such as your website
        1. FOLLOW THE RULES. NO MATTER WHAT. Facebook let you “in” its ground. In this ground, Facebook have its own rules, which you should ALWAYS, MUST, respect. For example, did you know that you’re not allowed to run a campaign with a photo that has more than 20% text on it? Did you also know that you’re not allowed to assert or imply personal attributes in your campaigns? Did you know that there’re specific rules for competitions on Facebook? Well, if you didn’t, you must learn them, as breaking the rules puts your page at risk. If you already know all of that, make sure you follow the updates as the rules change from time to time.

Together with our 11 Don’t on Your  Business’s Facebook Fan Page, you now have the whole picture on how to run a Facebook page!

Eventually, your page’s purpose is one and only – to improve and boost up your business so use it the best way you can!

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Did you know that…?

Facebook have big plans for businesses on their platform, and recently launched “Business on Messenger”. This is a way for businesses to “live chat” directly with customers about their orders, their requests and any customer service related issue!