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Digital Marketing Training

Save months of research, trial and error and get the Know-how to increase the standards of your online visibility.

We offer 2 types of trainings: in-house - where we will visit your office and spend time with your team at the comfort of your environment. The second type is group training, where the training is open to the general public.

In-house Training

At your comfort zone, on your schedule, a plan that is tailor made to your business's exact needs - everything you need to know about our in-house training is a click away:

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Group Training

We sometimes collaborate with training centers to offer group trainings to the general public. Below you will find some of the group trainings we offer.

Meet your trainer

Chen Hindi - Head of Digital, Quantum Communication Ltd

LinkedIn: | Website:

After graduating with Bsc in Physics and gaining retail and management experience, Chen entered the online marketing world in 2009.

In her positions as media buyer and later on as head of the US market media department she managed high profile monthly media budgets. Since then and while expanding her knowledge to keep up with the non-stop changing environment of online marketing, she served as project manager and VP marketing & sales within different companies.

The combination of her education, retail experience, online knowledge and hands-on work assist her to “be in the shoes of” any business owner and provide industry related insightful advices and perspectives for growth.

Since 2015, she serves as Head of Digital at Quantum, helping dozens of local brands to improve their online visibility.

She’s passionate about all things tech and the challenge of connecting between the real world and the virtual world which she enjoys so much.

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