This one day workshop will be your crash course
to generating demand - business leads - online

What is online marketing all about?
How to build a leads generation strategy that will keep your sales reps busy?
What is a lead generation ad, SEO, paid search and the difference between all of them?
are just a sneak peek to the answers to the questions that we will answer!


When and Where?

Stay Tuned
for the next date and location!

How Much?

The investment for the one day training
is Rs 8,900 only*

*Public group training price per person. For private in-house training click here.

The Trainer

Chen Hindi's online marketing expertise, gained since 2009 and her hands-on work at managing hundreds and thousands of online marketing campaigns, allow her to be 'in the shoes' of any business owner and provide insightful advice and perspectives for growth.


Registration & Coffee

Good Morning and Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to Online Marketing

The main pillars and how to communicate your business over them
Lead generation for businesses - why and how?

Tea/Coffee break

Facebook Ads

Facebook’s ads manager - marketing objectives and how they resonate with your business
Lead and WhatsApp ads
Facebook & Instagram audiences
Do’s and Don’ts

Lunch break

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn’s campaign manager
Lead generation, message and conversation ads
Do’s and Don’ts

Search Marketing

SEO vs. paid search

Guest talk: SEO - optimizing your website to drive traffic and leads

On-page & off-page SEO
Local SEO
Do’s and Don’ts

Tea/Coffee break

Paid Search & Landing Pages

Paid search
Search campaign fundamentals
Lead generation using landing pages
Do’s and Don’ts



How much does it cost?
The investment for the course is Rs 8,900 only.

How long is the course?
The training course is conducted over a single day. For a full breakdown of the day, please refer to the training agenda above.

How many people in a course?
The training groups are usually between 25 and 30 people to ensure a high level of engagement and interaction.