In which subjects do we offer training?

The short answer: any subject related to online marketing!

The long answer: we specialize in 4 main online channels as detailed below but that's not all! We also train about other social networks and online marketing methods such as how to buy online media and on top of that - we teach indviduals about personal use of social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

We specialize in 4 online channels:

1 Google campaigns - Search, Display, Remarketing...

2 Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn - for business management

3 Email marketing - campaigns creation and growth of database

4 Content management of websites

We schedule a date that suits you

And a time that fits your calendar

It can take 2,7 or 20 hours - it's up to you!

At your office, in your comfort zone

These managers recommend our training courses

Here are several of the managers whom we had the honour to train

"At some stage, we decided that the management of our company needs to improve its social media presence and usage. After our sessions with Chen, we were able to better learn the power of social media, the differences between each platform, and how to use it to our advantage. It was an eye opening session and the improvement was immediate. Also, the way Chen conducted it, we were all also able to enjoy the sessions and get to know each other better."

LinkedIn training

Elad Hertshten
Managing Director

"Chen is a modern and charismatic speaker. She is a true expert of digital marketing, her passion for her work makes everything looks simpler.
She made me understand a whole new marketing world and language! Looking forward to my next class with her."

Facebook training

Raksha Basanta Lala

"Chen is a true professional expert in her field and is up to date on all current trends. Her knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and drive is reflected in her work and her training. I appreciate her professional advice and guidance which I find invaluable not just for Mauritius but internationally. Just like the World Wide Web, her expertise spans across boarders."

Facebook trainings

Justine Page
International Marketing & Branding Coach

"Even on Facebook – a non-work-related network, top managers must understand how to handle their profile and activities. Chen Hindi’s training on the intricacies of FB was professional, straight to the point and friendly. I strongly recommend her."

LinkedIn and Facebook trainings

Charles Harel

"As a managing position, I had to learn and understand the world of online marketing and had the chance to participate in Chen’s class! Chen lives online, she is a real passionate and knows her subject by heart. The training was interacting, friendly and I really enjoyed the day. Online marketing is a must at any level now and I would highly recommend Chen."

Online Marketing training

Bruno Bathfield
Managing Director

"Chen is extremely knowledgeable and knows well how to translate the usually very technical IT language in her trainings. She goes out of her way to help her clients."

Google Ads trainings

Anne Rajoo
Sales & Marketing Executive

Participants gain these critical concepts

And more!

User experience

Think from the other side of the screen

The online world is user focused. We teach how to think from users' prespective


Choose the places that are right for your business

Not all businesses should be on Facebook and not all ads should be duplicated across platforms. Learn the difference between the options and the possible outcomes.


Understand how to plan a budget

Unlike the "offline" world, on the internet there are no fixed prices and there is no price list available. Learn about the bidding system and how to plan your budget.


Your business + your clients + online = ?

The way you interact with your clients and potential clients is crucial for the success of your online campaigns. Get an in-depth look at how to maximize this interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

The rate for a "one to one" professional training is of Rs 12,000 (EUR 250 // USD 275) per participant for a half day training, or Rs 20,000 (EUR 400 // USD 400) per participant for a full day.

Who is it for?

Really - anyone who is interested in online marketing. We've trained interns, marketing managers and senior managers in companies from dozens of different sectors.

Can you conduct group trainings?

Of course! The training can take place with 1,2 or 10 people. We do however suggest to not plan big trainings (above 20-25 people) so it will be efficient.

How much does a group training cost?

The price will be determined according to the complexity of the subjects and the amount of people in the training.

Do you offer other training courses?

Yes we do! We offer courses for all levels from beginner to advanced, including:

What happens after the training?

Magic! Just kidding :) We're not going anywhere after the training is finished. We continue supporting your online marketing questions via a closed Facebook group dedicated to participants who joined one of our trainings (and yes, that's free!).