Copywriting and Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing is an alternative to traditional advertising, whereby brands provide customers with valuable, interesting and engaging content. This channel is growing rapidly in both scope and importance. This tactic does not involve direct selling; rather, content marketing involves telling a compelling story, creates brand awareness through relevant or entertaining content in multiple formats – text, video, imagery, infographics and more.

Why Choose Quantum?

At Quantum, we’re a team of online professionals with a passion for connecting brands to people. Our passion and commitment define us. Our approach to our work allows us to work closely with our clients. We’re more than a content marketing agency, we’re an extension of our clients’ team, going the extra mile to help them achieve their goals. We’re details orientated and promote a culture of continuous learning, improvement and skills development.

How We Run our Content Marketing Campaigns

We obtain information from the client, such as brand resources, important dates for the business, and data. Our team also researches competitor activities, relevant dates and events within our client’s industry.

We then create a detailed editorial calendar, where we brainstorm ideas, plan angles and topics to generate content in multiple formats, such as text, imagery and video. Translation in English, Creole, French and other languages is also offered. We ensure that the content strategy consistently upholds a relevant, valuable and coherent brand identity. These plans are fleshed out with feedback and then implemented.

How Content Marketing Fits into an Overall Digital Strategy

Great content should be at the heart of every integrated marketing strategy. If it’s boring, unattractive or irrelevant, customers are simply not going to pay attention.

Brand-generated content ties in closely with other services. It’s excellent for SEO purposes, as Google rewards those businesses who produce quality content. It also helps to build authority and relevance around your brand and the products and/or services that you offer. Quality social media content, meanwhile, is generated directly from a foundation of strong onsite content and content marketing.

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Effective content marketing generates valuable inbound links, leads, traffic, and ultimately improving rankings.
  • Content marketing creates greater brand awareness and visibility, even if you’re not directly selling your product or service.
  • On the back of increased awareness is increased engagement, with increased awareness comes increased engagement – a great content marketing piece will get people talking!
  • Informative, relevant pieces of content can also help enhance brand authority, customer loyalty and overall trust in the company.
  • Content marketing forms part of a sustainable digital marketing strategy – Google rewards quality content.