• Latest Changes on Facebook that You Must Know About

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 21.01.2016

    Unlike traditional advertising channels (newspapers, magazines, TV, etc.), online platforms such as Google and Facebook are constantly making changes in their platforms. As advertisers and frequent users of these platforms, it’s important to keep up.

    So 2016 just started and we thought it’s a good time to keep you up to date with some of the new changes and features Facebook has been adding to its platform lately.

    We won’t review each change/feature in depth, we just want to give you an overall look on it. For further explanation and examples, please feel free to contact us or leave us a message through the Facebook chat on the right!

    Let’s start!

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  • (Online) Year in Review 2015

    Posted in Digital Marketing Video Posts By Chen Hindi on the 09.01.2016

    Hey there!

    So we were away for a few weeks – Christmas and New Year’s gave their marks but now we’re back and full on!

    Before we’ll start sharing some interesting knowledge and news about everything that is online, we wanted to share with you some of the best video summaries from 2015.

    It’s important to understand not only what interested people but also how did they react to these events, on their social media accounts, in their searches and generally, online.

    We already shared Facebook’s year in review last month but since then many more came up and we wanted you to enjoy them as well, so here it goes!

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  • Facebook Published its Year in Review and It's Everything

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 10.12.2015

    Facebook published its year in review and it’s everything - it’s sad and heart breaking, it’s funny and cheerful, it’s future-like and hopeful.

    From the Paris terror attacks, Nepal’s earthquakes and Fight against ISIS, through marriage equality, Ahmed’s famous clock and the most controversial dress in the world, Facebook summarizes everything that people cared and talked about in 2015.

    Facebook has also shared which places we "checked-in" the most and what we talked about the most according to 8 other categories (athletes, entertainers, politicians, movies, games and TV shows).

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  • Facebook's New Powerful Tool for Businesses

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 08.12.2015

    It’s not a big secret that Facebook is making major steps to become a main player in businesses’ online communication and client relationship.

    Earlier this year, we’ve mentioned that Facebook opened an option for payments through its platform. This was a first move to step into one of the busiest industries online – e-commerce.

    With more than 2.5 Million advertisers1.55 MAUs (Monthly Active Users) that repeatedly come back to check their feed for updates from the brands they love and its huge success on mobile, Facebook can, and will, be a significant middle e-commerce platform.

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  • 2016 Marketing Budget - How Much Should You Allocate to Online?

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 26.11.2015

    If you’re a business owner, let alone a marketer, you know by now that in the pie describing your marketing budget, “online” category should appear.

    Online marketing can appear in your marketing budget in different channels – email marketing, Facebook marketing, Linkedin or any other social media marketing, search marketing, display marketing, mobile marketing and more.

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  • 3 Video Talks That'll Make You Think Differently About Marketing

    Posted in Digital Marketing Video Posts By Chen Hindi on the 03.11.2015

    The task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees." Erwin Schrödinger, one of Quantum Mechanics Founders

    The combination of the three video talks in this article is quite unusual, mainly because the speakers come from such different fields, as you’ll discover further on. The mutual thing is that they all bring an interesting perspective to how we think about marketing.

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  • 6 Questions You Should Ask About Your Business's Online Presence

    Posted in General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 28.10.2015

    Look around you.

    How many people are holding their phones now? How many people are on their laptops/computers? How many people are online right now?

    Wherever you are - at work, on the street, shopping, at the cinema, at airports and even on airplanes, most people around you are connected.

    If you own a business, whether it is that your clients are people in Mauritius or abroad, your business needs to appear where these people are, which is… online.

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  • Why your business MUST be on Google

    Posted in Google & SEM Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 16.04.2015

    Why-Your-Business-must-be-on-Google search results.png

    Let’s start with a term clarification – what does it mean, “to be” on Google?

    If you want your business to be on TV or on the Radio, on a magazine or on a billboard, you know what you need to do.

    But what does it mean when it comes to Google?

    Being on Google, as far as your business’s marketing concern means visibility online, anywhere in the world you choose (well, at least where ain't blocked - China for example), on the most popular website and the most popular search engine in the world (Mauritius included).

    "To be" on Google, means your website is indexed on Google’s servers and it also means your website is well ranked as per Google’s algorithms, so that it appears in the first few search results (first page, preferably the first 4-5 results) which are relevant to your business, service and product.

    Social media marketing search result.png

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  • 12 Do’s on your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 10.04.2015

    As Facebook is a social network, used by everyone, including business owners, some of them use their business’s page as they use their personal profile. This is a misguided approach. Facebook users that look at your business page, expect it to give a “formal” however served in a “friendly” way information about your business (further explanation followed).

    We’ve already shared with you what NOT to do on your business’s Facebook page, and in this article we’ll complete the picture with what you SHOULD do.

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