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  • 11 free sources of Power Words all copywriters should have in their bible

    Posted in Copywriting: Top Tips & Guides, Quantum By on the 07.02.2022

    ‘Words have power.’ This quote has been used and overused by many, yet, it still makes perfect sense when explaining how words work on online marketing platforms. If you want to make someone stop in front of your ads, use power words, they are the real bread and butter of all copywriters. They can be used to instill trust, trigger curiosity, convince or even soften the most callous hearts.

    So… where to hunt them? Here are some trustworthy sources of power words that you can use in all types of copy.



    WordsStream is to copywriters as Pinterest is to decor addicts. The website provid...

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  • Dans les coulisses du Community Management !

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips, Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides, General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies, Quantum By Community Manager on the 17.12.2018

    2 (4).png

    Tout d’abord, LA grande question; en quoi consiste le métier de Community Manager ? Pour avoir une vue d’ensemble, nous vous partageons les réalités de ce métier haut en couleur !

    SCOOP ! Un Community Manager ne se contente pas de siroter un café en pyjama et de traîner sur Internet toute la journée ! Eh bien, que nenni ! À notre humble avis, cela signifie littéralement gérer les communautés… en ligne. Mais en réalité, c’est plus complexe que ça. Il s’agit également de créer, de faire grandir et, bien entendu, comme son nom l’indique, de gérer la communauté en ligne d’une entreprise ou d’une...

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  • Communication’s milestones or how has the world become so small?

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips, Quantum By Chen Hindi on the 05.02.2015

    Imagine you’re driving to an important meeting, one that was scheduled a while ago. One of your kids is sick at home with a babysitter and you need to check up on what’s going on in the office once every two hours.

    And then, your car brakes down in the middle of the highway. What do you do?

    Well, you use caution with your car and signaling you’re stuck. You call the important meeting to say you’re running a bit late, call the car service to come pick up the car, call a taxi through a number you find online, call the babysitter to check up on your child, call the office and say you’ll probably won’t make it back to the office but you ask to be updated on WhatsApp/SMS in any matter. Also, you schedule a Skype with the office manager to synchronize on some issues that you were supposed to be synced on right after the meeting.

    That was a bummer, but everything turned out well, you even made it home earlier to your child. You handled it very well, everything’s under control.

    Now, imagine the same situation exactly, just take it back 50 years ago. What do you do now?

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  • Constantly changing world…

    Posted in Quantum By Chen Hindi on the 12.12.2014

    It’s hard to catch up with the pace of developments in technology today and mass information flow. Generally the way the world is changing is so rapid, it’s so huge and it’s mainly unbelievable.

    It’s unbelievable because if you think about it, until 2-3 decades ago we didn’t even have the Internet. Most probably if you are reading this article, when you were a kid, a teenager and maybe much old at age, you didn’t even have a cellular phone. If you wanted to call your friend when you were outside a house/office, you needed to be on a mission. And let’s not even start describing what would happen if you wanted to communicate with overseas.

    And today?

    Well, if you are not online, in at least 2 different communication devices and active in at least 4 different communication platforms (emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many many many more…) it’s as if you are out of this world.

    You’re disconnected.

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  • Quantum Media Mauritius - Introduction

    Posted in Quantum By Chen Hindi on the 12.12.2014

    Hi and welcome to Quantum's blog!

    We don’t believe in one slogan, but we do stick to -

    “We Live. Online.”.

    We stick to it because it simply describes our lives in the past 10-15 years.

    “Well”, you’d say “everyone is attached to their mobile devices, social networks and emails all the time!”

    And it’s true! But...

    We loved it so much that it became our job. We could make it our job BECAUSE everyone is connected - living online - all the time!

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