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10 things every website owner deals with (and hates).


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As a business owner, you know the importance of owning a website. After all, these days, if you’re not online, well … you’re nowhere really.

But, what nobody talks about, is how much of a pain it can be to maintain said website. If you’re tearing your hair out every time you open your CMS (Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, etc.) don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are the leading website maintenance problems other brave managers and entrepreneurs are facing:

1. You’ve got more plugins than you need.

You know you need plugins, so you downloaded them. Plenty of them. Now, you have no idea which ones you use. And why do they keep asking for updates?!

2. You’ve updated those darn plugins, but they aren’t playing nice.

OK Pinterest plugin, I will update you … but pretty please stop making me choose between you and a website that actually works!

3. Your comment section is a big can of spam

You’ve got 4000 comments. Great! But 3890 of them are spam because you forgot to set up a captcha.

4. You’re terrified of updating your CMS

You still have PTSD from the last time you updated your CMS and were left staring at an error page. Now, you’re terrified of touching the thing.  

5. Uploading images = crappy looking website  

Every image you upload keeps overlapping onto the text or out of the screen. And, when it’s on mobile, it’s even worse.

6. Your Google Maps location = nowhere.

Everytime you open your Google maps, it either won’t load, or it enters development mode … regardless, you now hate the thing.

7. Your contact form is useless

Your contact form has not been working since the Ice Age and all the info on your leads were not saved.

8. Your stats are off

Your Facebook pixel (you know that short line of code that’s supposed to provide helpful visitor stats instead of just p****ng you off…) doesn’t offer any info at all, because they lead to past accounts. In fact, nor does your Google Ads, or Google Analytics for that matter.

9. Your social media links are useless

Your website is filled with social media icons you don’t even have an account for, and you have no idea how to remove them.

10. You forgot to update your subscription, and now, your website is down

Did you know you have to renew your domain name and hosting? Don’t worry, that ‘Account Suspended’ message that comes up every time you try to launch your website is a good reminder.  
If your website is constantly giving you headaches, don’t give up on it! There’s always help at hand, just get in touchwith us and we’ll be more than happy to help you get a website that actually works.  

10 things every website owner deals with (and hates).