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Email Marketing

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

You probably don’t need an explanation to what is marketing emails, we assume you receive a few like these to your email every day.

In case you want to be on the safe side – email marketing is the general term for the promotional emails sent by companies/businesses/organizations. Their content informs the recipient with news, updates, special events, special promotions and other up to date information.

You might associate email marketing with junk emails, and in a many cases you’d be right but the truth is that email marketing is known to be one of the most effective marketing methods. And if this doesn’t convince you, think about it from a practical point of view – many companies still send marketing emails on a daily/weekly basis, many of them are not “rich” or big, if they do it, it means it’s working.

In order to start email marketing campaigns you need to have a database. The best option is to have a database containing YOUR clients’ information. People that you know for fact that bought with you or were interested in your product. You can collect your clients’ information by:

  1. Offline - “on spot”, when buying your product or visiting your location.
  2. Online:
    1. Dedicated online campaigns (Search, Social, Display) with a strong call to action encouraging users to leave their details.
    2. PR article/blog encouraging traffic to your “contact us” landing page.
  3. Collaboration – gather with another company that already has a database and recommends your product.

Once you have a good amount of clients’ emails you can start email marketing campaigns. You can’t send marketing emails from your email address since email providers do not allow sending one email to a big amount of recipients (Gmail for example limits it to 99 Recipients). You will need to use ESP (email service provider), mass email services, which will send your emails. Working with ESPs will also allow you to analyse your email marketing campaign fully, showing all campaign’s parameters – penetration rate (how many emails got to the users’ inbox), opening rate (how many users opened the email), click rate (how many clicks you received on your email's content), invalid emails you have on your list and more.

Why email-marketing campaigns are important?

Marketing emails are personal and being viewed “one to one” as apposed to social networks and display advertising. 95% of internet users use emails, which means that out of 1,000 of your clients 950 have email and out of them 864 users (91%) open their email at least once a day. Marketing emails also “stay” in your users inbox unlike “feeds” that are being updated every second, changing content constantly.

Marketing emails are maintaining a consistent connection with your clients, increase brand awareness, build trust and of course, increase sales.

It’s very important to create segmentations in your database, in order to communicate differently with “types” of clients (a regular client, a potential client, a premium client, etc.).

Your email database is one of your business’s most valuable assets, keep growing it, maintain it and improve it.

Most importantly, use it!

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Did you know that...?

The highest click to open rate emails are the ones with the word "sale" in their subject line. 2nd highest click to open rate are the emails with the word "breaking" in their subject line.