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10 online marketing learning sources we recommend

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

The online marketing world can overwhelm any beginner (or any other level of marketer for that matter...). There’s so much information out there, and even more sources to learn from. The main challenge one will encounter is how to choose among all these sources? Are they all reliable and up to date? Are they comprehensive enough? Which ones provide certifications that consider being well reputed?

Well, although there are dozens of (great!) sources we can recommend we gathered only 10 that we recommend (we don’t want to overwhelm you as well!). Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced digital marketer – check these out.

digital marketing learning sources
  1. Google Skillshop

Google’s academy for ads has been around for a while (in different names along the years) and is the learning center of Google. Yes, it is a place to learn Google products (vs. online marketing as a whole) however Google is by far one of the leading platform for online advertising and also, once you understand Google, it will be easier to understand many of the other concepts online.

Google’s courses are comprehensive, clear and user-friendly. You can get certified in one or more of the many channels Google operates in.

google academy for ads google ads


  1. Google Analytics Academy

The Analytics Academy will take you through one of the most powerful tools of online marketing – measurement and analysis. Whether you’re using Google Analytics or other tools, it’s crucial to understand the capabilities of those that measure your online assets. And indeed, you can take exams and get certified for analytics as well. Just note that this academy is relevant for Universal Analytics which will be setting mid 2023. If you're interested to learn about Google Analytics 4, visit the Google Skillshop above.

google analytics academy


  1. Facebook’s BluePrint

If you want to be a certified Facebook marketer, Blueprint by Facebook is what you’re looking for. Prior to taking the online exams, Blueprint offers you comprehensive courses that will teach you the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook.

facebook blue print


  1. Hubspot Academy

Hubspot was created to offer software solutions for inbound marketing and sales. One of the products Hubspot developed is the Hubspot academy where you can learn plenty of online marketing related subjects: automation, email, lead generation to name a few. In regards of getting yourself certified, find here the full list of available certifications.

Hubspot academy


  1. WordStream

Similarly to Hubspot, WordStream is an array of online tools, however as we’re in the subject of where to learn online marketing we won’t dive into it, we’ll just recommend the WordStream blog. Especially if you’re a Google advertiser – WordStream’s content is interesting, inspiring, and very insightful.wordstream the blog


  1. Search Engine Land

Another wealth of content you will find in Search Engine Land. And as the name suggests - particularly if you’re into search advertising (whether SEM or SEO). On the website you will find up to date content, trends, news and product updates from popular engine land


  1. CXL Institue

If you want to upgrade your understanding of online concepts that are beyond Search and Social advertising, CXL is where we recommend you go next. Conversion optimization, analytics and understanding your users are just some of the interesting subjects the website covers. On top of the content that is offered free on the website, you can take online paid in-depth courses.cxl recommended blogs


  1. Jon Loomer

Facebook marketers who don’t follow Jon Loomer yet – you’re missing out. In his blog, Loomer offers into details explanations about new features on Facebook, interesting content about existing features as well as some free webinars with quick lessons. If you want to dive deeper – the website offers paid courses for beginners but mainly for advanced Facebook marketers.jon loomer digital recommendation blog


  1. (LinkedIn learning) is a platform that suggests plenty of online courses in many different subjects, including online marketing and its related. After it has been acquired by LinkedIn it became LinkedIn’s platform for education – “LinkedIn learning” learning recommendation

And now, we will finish with some of our resources, made with a lot of ♥.

On Chen's (our Co-Founder and Head of Digital) website you will find online courses with many free lessons. If you liked the free lessons and want to continue watching, you can purchase the course on the website. Chen also shares her learnings, insights and experience via her thoughts page.

chen hindi digital marketing courses

On our YouTube channel you will find many “how to online marketing” videos, on our OMG|Online Marketing Glossary mobile app you will get a daily onlline marketing term and finally – we offer real life (!) training - both in-house or group sessions. You will find all the information about this service here.

Any other sources you would like to recommend that you think we completely missed out? We’d love to hear about it! Please share it with us in the comments section below ⤵