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19 Social Media Themes Ideas for All Your Content Needs

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

You probably know the feeling and the questions that come with it – what am I going to post on my Facebook for Business page this month? What else can I share with my audiences on Instagram or LinkedIn that they haven’t seen already? That’s frustrating… Do I have to share stuff every week?

So first thing’s first – you’re not alone in this feeling – and you’re right to feel that you need to communicate on-goingly. Coherency is one of the keys to success in a noisy world like ours.


Let’s start with the basics, and then – I’ll share with you a list of themes ideas which you can use for your pages.

Ground rules:

1. You should work with a monthly plan for your content. The plan should include the weeks and days, when are you going to post and what about.

2. The “what about” part should go in line with what’s happening in your business – the promos you run, new product launches or an event coming up and, parallel to that, you should run with recurring themes.

3. These themes can and should be refreshed every few months.

Alright, let’s do this! Here are 19 social media themes ideas that we’re happy to share:

1. Sales-Oriented

We’re starting with the obvious because we don’t want this to be misunderstood – your social media pages are meant to represent your brand and in the bottom line help your sales. In the sales oriented themes you will include everything related to your products and services: presenting them, announcing new ones, talking about product features and benefits (benefits, of course!), promos that are planned in your business, and even promotion of your own customers on your social media pages.


2. People

People are on social media because of other people, as simple as that. “Meet our team” or “presenting our new team member” themes not only acknowledge your employees but also create “brand love” that is invaluable.


3. Recruitment

Many businesses forget that social media is a great way to find new talent. While Facebook has a stand-alone job section, we actually recommend using your timeline to create a “regular” post and target via the FB’s ads manager the people with the specific skills you need. LinkedIn, needless to say, is the leading platform to find candidates.


4. Did You Know

People love to “get wiser” quickly, especially when they can use these “fast facts” in a corridor conversation. Sharing fun facts, interesting statistics, common mistakes or trivia info will trigger your audiences’ curiosity, which in turn will engage them with your content, and that is always a desired result. The “did you know” should be related to what your company does. So for example, if you’re in the food business you’d share nutritional facts about specific foods, if you’re in the car business you’d share an interesting stat about engines evolution and if you’re in the education business you’d share a fun fact about distant learning.

4_Did you know_Blog_template.png

5. Social Proof

This theme can come in many shapes and forms: customers’ recommendations, announcing milestones (“1,000 clients trust us”), showing off your existing operation (“172,654 downloads of our app”/“571 websites created”), success stories, awards that your business received … and then some. Remember – what others say/think about your brand is more important to people than what you have to say about yourself.

5_Social proof_Blog_template.png

6. Tips and How-Tos

Quick recipes (your ingredients can and should be included), small hacks (with your product), tips that can save your audience time and guides that can make your audience save money … are all examples of posts that you can create to offer value to your audiences and at the same time, promote the things you sell.

6_tips and how tos_Blog_template.png

7. News and/or Explanations of Current Events

Sharing news about your industry and the things that happened is a great way to offer value to your audience and position you as the expert. Better yet – analysing this piece of news and explaining how it will affect your audience (if it does) will make an even bigger impact for your business.

7_News andor Explanations of Current Events_Blog_template.png

8. Our Company in the Media

When news websites, magazines or blogs write about your company, it’s a no-brainer to share it on your page (and you probably have this page on your website as well). It amplifies your brand and creates an impression.

8_Our Company in the Media_Blog_template.png

9. Wishes & International Days

Wishing well to your audiences is always a positive thing, and as on social media humanisation is the right thing to do, it’s very common and acceptable for your brand to wish a Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas and all other relevant holidays based on your location, to your audiences. International days such as world sleep day or international chocolate day are celebrated almost every day. We suggest to pick only the ones that are in coherency with your business and create relevant content.

9_Wishes & International Days_Blog_template.png

10. From Your Other Assets

Your blog posts (especially the evergreen ones), your podcast episodes, the guides, cheat sheets and checklists, your music playlists if relevant and you create them … have great potential to bring attention to your other assets and help in your content marketing efforts.

10_from your other assets_Blog_template.png

11. “Life in”

Showcasing the everyday life in your company – the events organised for the team, your offices, a look behind the scenes, the making of, your CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities … are examples of content that humanise your brand and bring your audiences closer.


12. History and About Us

People love nostalgia and they love even more success stories of companies or people who started from the bottom. Sharing the history of your company, throwbacks, walking down memory lane and presenting the founders are some content ideas that will bring much engagement to your social media pages. Additionally, creating content about what you stand for today creates depth.


13. Fun Posts

Memes is one of the most engaging social media types that exists out there. Fill in the blanks and truth or myth post types are highly engaging. “Teasing” another brand and starting a thread about it can go wild. It doesn’t necessarily fit any brand, so don’t sweat it if you don’t feel that your brand should do that.

13_fun post_Blog_template.png

14. Best Of

Re-sharing your most successful content – and no, we don’t literally mean to re-share with the “share” button – is a great way to leverage your brand and its content creation efforts. You already know that it worked, re-sharing it is a recipe for success!


15. Polls

People love to be asked for their opinions and thoughts, and on the other hand, you can learn about people’s preferences. You can create polls using the built-in tools social media platforms enable you or use external tools.


16. Social Media Activities

Contests and giveaways are a great fit for many brands – they get much “free” exposure at a very low cost. We’re not fans of “like and share” competitions, and we gave you some guidelines and examples in this article about this subject.

16_social media activities_Blog_template.png

17. Recommendations

Upcoming events, industry-related books, podcasts, magazines and others go under the category of “sharing is caring” and you’d find that your audience appreciates it very much. As said before, it also contributes to strengthening your brand image as the expert.


18. Go Live

Live is a very popular type of content – people like being a part of what’s happening now. See how Clubhouse, a voice only social platform where people talk to each other in rooms (live), exploded recently. Going live on your social media pages once a month, for example, with a senior manager for AMA (ask me anything) session is something that your audience can be thrilled about.

18_go live_Blog_template.png


Well, this one is easy and you’re probably very familiar with the concept. Our recommendation is to always choose a quote that resonates with your brand and/or said by someone in your industry and also – design the visual in your brand’s look and feel (and give credit to the person who said it – of course!).


Voila !

19 themes that are actually double or triple that (if you read not only the titles – you know exactly what we mean), for all your social media needs.