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  • Technologies that are changing the world

    Posted in Tech By Chen Hindi on the 06.02.2016

    You’ve probably noticed that the world is changing very fast in the last few decades :-)

    Technology is progressing in a faster pace than any other time period in the history of human kind and we’re not anywhere the pick.

    It’s affecting every aspect of our lives and the world around us, but it’s not the psychological impacts it has on us that we want to discuss today (although it’s extremely interesting).

    We want to discuss some of the most interesting technologies and how they're going to affect your business, its future and its marketing.

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  • Vision of Our Tech Future (by Microsoft)

    Posted in Tech By Chen Hindi on the 27.02.2015

    Touch screens, smart phones, tablets, smart systems and technologies that took over our lives, might have seem to the average person, just a few decades ago, as science fiction.

    Being aware of these constant rapid technology changes, can’t keep the urge of wondering how will our future look like, in technology terms, just a few years ahead?

    Microsoft is trying to answer this question with a video released every few years, predicting the next few years to come.

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