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Our new tutorial series – How to Online Marketing

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

We’re super excited to share with you that lately we have been working on a new tutorial series – “How to Online Marketing”.

These tutorials guide the viewer through small hacks on the different marketing platforms out there. Hacks that will save you hours of trying to figure out how to do stuff on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram and others. Further more, these series will assist you with the how-to's of more complex marketing concepts and their implementation.

Here are the 2 main reasons we're doing it:

  • One of the fundamental principles at Quantum is the sharing of knowledge.
  • These tutorials are a tool for us as well – when communicating with others, we use them to simplify things (we’re not into talking big words that people don’t understand. Quite the contrary).

Without further due, here are a few examples of the tutorials we shared on our YouTube channel.

Small hacks

If you follow our content, you know that we don’t give much attention to the amount of fans on pages. Engagement is the metric we encourage businesses to invest in. Having said that, we don’t completely ignore growth of pages – and as long as it is relevant and qualified growth – we’re all for it. So here’s a hack of how you can grow wisely the likes on your Facebook page:

Planning content in advance on your social media pages is a key ingredient to keeping consistency and making social media marketing successful. The “schedule for later” built in tool of Facebook helps preparing and publishing posts according to your planning. Here’s how to do it:

Marketing Concepts

Remarketing is our thing (well, one of our things). No secret here. Why, when, where – we answered all these questions before. The how part is pretty much technical: the 1st phase is to create tags on the platforms, the 2nd phase is to implement it on your website and the 3rd is to start creating audiences and campaigns. For the first step, here’s how you do it on 3 main platforms: Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Google AdWords

Facebook for Business

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 

Similarly to remarketing, and without degrading the importance of bringing new audiences to your pages, most businesses are not aware of the possibility to target people who have interacted with their social media pages. Here's an example of how you can create an audience of people who have engaged with your Instagram's business account. After it's created you can choose to show ads in your campaigns to the people in this audience and by that, create campaigns with better performance.

Above is a taste of what’s waiting for you!

Visit our channel to see more of these tutorials and subscribe to be notified when new tutorials are out!

We're looking forward to hear your feedback, ideas for new how-tos and anything else you'd like to share!