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(Online) Year in Review 2015

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

Hey there!

So we were away for a few weeks – Christmas and New Year’s gave their marks but now we’re back and full on!

Before we’ll start sharing some interesting knowledge and news about everything that is online, we wanted to share with you some of the best video summaries from 2015.

It’s important to understand not only what interested people but also how did they react to these events, on their social media accounts, in their searches and generally, online.

We already shared Facebook’s year in review last month but since then many more came up and we wanted you to enjoy them as well, so here it goes!

Google – Year in Search 2015

Whereas in 2014 Google’s year in search was focusing on our “vs.” searches, this year Google gave us a look into the questions we’ve been asking.

With the moving words of Caitlyn Jenner in the background, we were both amazed and touched.

To explore the year's biggest moments and the questions they inspired by Google click here

Wikipedia - #Edit2015

If you’ve been following Quantum, then you must know that we’re all about spreading the knowledge. And what is a top knowledge source online if not Wikipedia?

In Wikipedia’s year in review, you can find some of the most interesting events that happened in 2015 (and you haven't seen on Facebook and Google's year in review) and were added to Wikipedia as pages, in more than one language (or two… :-)):

Twitter – #YearOnTwitter

Hashtags are used in almost every written text we are engaged with, but without a doubt, Twitter is one of THE most hashtags-oriented platform.

Not only that hashtags help you see all the mentions on a specific subject in one place but they also help you make your point “faster and shorter”, which is a must on Twitter (due to the limitation of tweets' length, 140 Characters).

We also liked that Twitter chose to show the actual tweets from the people who made this year memorable and some of the best responses (retweetes) to them.

To explore more in depth Twitter in 2015, visit the "YearOnTwitter" page on Twitter's website in this link.

YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me 2015

We can’t summarize this year without the second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube. In our blog posts, we share a lot of interesting facts about YouTube, in case you missed it and to present YouTube’s rewind, here’s one of these facts:

400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. (July 2015, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki)

Enjoy this fun summary, and prepare your body for a dance:

GoPro - Best of 2015

Well, we know! It’s not related to social media or search engines, but we came across GoPro’s video and we couldn’t help but sharing it with you.

Amazing moments, in the sky and in water, on the snow and in high speed. GoPro puts it the best way possible - GoPro. Be a Hero. Our addition - In 2016. In life.

If you’re not lazy enough to read (such a weird concept!), WordPress’s year in review worth a click here (Did you know that more than 660 million posts were published on in 2015?!).

If you’re using email as one of your marketing channels, MailChimp’s year in review can be eye opening for you, in this link. We also recommend you to check Instagram's year in review here and here as it is a raising social network in Mauritius. If you're interested in social media overseas, here's Tumblr's year in review.

We wish you a happy, fruitful, full of successes year!

Ran into some other interesting year in reviews? Please share in comments!