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Why your business MUST be on Google

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

chen.jpg By Chen Hindi

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Let’s start with a term clarification – what does it mean, “to be” on Google?

If you want your business to be on TV or on the Radio, on a magazine or on a billboard, you know what you need to do.

But what does it mean when it comes to Google?

Being on Google, as far as your business’s marketing concern means visibility online, anywhere in the world you choose (well, at least where ain't blocked - China for example), on the most popular website and the most popular search engine in the world (Mauritius included).

"To be" on Google, means your website is indexed on Google’s servers and it also means your website is well ranked as per Google’s algorithms, so that it appears in the first few search results (first page, preferably the first 4-5 results) which are relevant to your business, service and product.

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The main difference between Google and all other examples mentioned above, is that in order “to be” on Google, you don’t need to be a big corporate, you don’t need a fancy ad, models, actors, photographers, voice overs, producers, and you definitely don’t need a huge budget.

In order to be on Google, as a start, you simply need a landing page (website/mini-site/simple landing page).

The traffic you’ll drive from Google to your website can come from Google’s organic search results or from Google’s paid ads.

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In order to appear on Google’s organic search results your website must be optimized for on-page SEO, meaning your headlines, link structure and keywords on your website, among others. It also needs to be optimized for off-page SEO - links from known websites that link back to your website, your social media presence and others. In order to appear on the paid results, you’ll need to start a Google campaign on Google’s advertising platform, Google Ads.

They Search, Your ad is Served 

To be on Google means that when someone, anyone, searches for your business, your ad immediately appear, and in first positions.

Further more, it means that when someone is searching for something that is related to your product/service, your ad appears!

Basically this is a dream come true for businesses. Why?

Here’s an example – you sell mattresses and pillows. A young couple or a mother of 2 are looking for new mattresses. They don’t really know mattresses shops in Mauritius so they go on Google, type in “mattress in Mauritius” and BOOM, your business appears right in front of them! Your business will be the first one they will check out, perhaps the only one.

A man is searching for a pillow/mattress to help with his back pain. BOOM, your business appears right in front of him!

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In many ways, this is not a dream coming true, it’s a fantasy becoming reality for businesses. When your clients are walking in the street or in a shopping mall, you don’t know what they are after. In Google’s case you know what they’re looking for and you can be right in front of their eyes. Literally.

And then came Google

The Internet has changed the way people consume information. This is a fact. We communicate, read, talk, shop and even express ourselves differently since the Internet took control over our lives.

Google has changed our habits completely. If in the past you’d want to learn about someone’s history and/or activity, you’d need to open an encyclopedia, which most probably was a walking distance from your home, at the nearest library. If you wanted to purchase something, you’d ask friends what they recommend, perhaps ran into an ad on the newspaper, see a relevant TV commercial. If you wanted to learn about your competitors, do a market research, you’d need to know the relevant people. And then… Came Google.

Any piece of information you need today, is just a search phrase away. The fact is, that Google went into our habits so strong that we don’t “independently” go on websites, we start on Google, and from there, we click our way to where we wanted.

Give Your Business Exposure or How to Be Everywhere Online

When you advertise on Google, you can also choose to appear on Google’s display network, also known as GDN, not only on Google as the search engine.

Google has more than 2 million search partners (meaning, websites) that you can advertise your business on, according to interests, location and more (here's our beginner guide for the GDN).

For example, if someone was searching for a mattress, and now reading an article on a related subject (such as back pain), they might see your mattress ad on this webpage.

Full Control Over Your Budget

With Google, it’s as simple as a click – you are the one to set up your daily budget. You can increase or decrease it at any time. You can pause your campaign and restart it again.

You have full control and you are always exposed to all the results in your campaign.

Highly Affective Marketing Method

Search is known to be one of the most effective marketing methods. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it -

You pay only when someone who was actively searching for your kind of service/product or your business itself, has shown interest in it.

That means, that people who are your potential/current clients will generate most of your clicks, which makes your spent valuable.

Not only that, you can measure the performance in terms of ROI in a pretty much accurate way, as you can track, follow and optimize each and every aspect of your campaign, including conversions.

Put Your Business Out There

To summarize, not being on Google is actually a big miss out for your business. Which ever service/product you sell (unless it doesn't respect Google's guidelines), Google’s gates are open for you.

In Mauritius only, there are more than 820,000 Google users. Out of them, you can reach-to and pay-for only the people who are interested in your service/product. Put your business where it gives you substantial visibility, put it on Google.

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Do you want to ask us more about Google campaigns?

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Did you know that…?

In 2013, Google’s services were down for 5 minutes and that caused a 40% decrease in global Internet traffic…