• 10 online marketing learning sources we recommend

    Posted in General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 26.11.2018

    The online marketing world can overwhelm any beginner (or any other level of marketer for that matter...). There’s so much information out there, and even more sources to learn from. The main challenge one will encounter is how to choose among all these sources? Are they all reliable and up to date? Are they comprehensive enough? Which ones provide certifications that consider being well reputed?

    Well, although there are dozens of (great!) sources we can recommend we gathered only 10 that we recommend (we don’t want to overwhelm you as well!). Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an adva...

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  • Beginner's Guide to Google Display (including dimensions)

    Posted in Google & SEM Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 27.10.2018

    Google and Facebook rule the digital marketing sphere - by far. That you already knew. But what you might not know is that in spite of it being a multibillion-dollar tech company that has hundreds of products, Google’s main products and revenue generators are still in advertising – search advertising and display advertising. Today we’re going to guide you through the latter.

    google display campaigns how to

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  • [How to] Write Facebook ads that engage

    Posted in Copywriting: Top Tips & Guides By copywriter on the 26.09.2018

    Facebook is home to 1.8 billion daily active users (as of April 2021), from CEOs, companies to students and housewives who scroll through it on a daily basis and for some even on an hourly basis. Much is said about this social media platform which encompasses all demographics, touching the lives of all the layers of society. Over time, or rather, in no time, Facebook has undoubtedly become the King Kong of social media and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. This exponential growth has turned it into a lifestyle, to such an extent that for millions of people, Facebook is ‘THE’ internet. Joke aside but for some, moving houses would seemingly be less dramatic than moving away from Facebook! And we know who they are!

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  • Copywriters - who are we?

    Posted in Copywriting: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 17.08.2018

    In the great world of advertising and communication,  it seems that there has always been a little confusion about what exactly is a copywriter. A copywriter is not a writer. We don’t write prose, poems or novels. We must get used to having no ego, (or very little), writing for others and getting hardly any recognition for our work. No, “copywriter” doesn’t mean we “copy” what writers write. And for those who are still in the dark about what we do, it has nothing to do with copyright law either. So…What does a copywriter do? We write marketing content, among a lot of other things. We obviously write but we also do research, interviews, video scripts, editing, and proofreading. We manage projects, plan and implement marketing campaigns. While we all have our own style of writing, the number 1 aim is to communicate about what “somebody” else has to say… and this somebody is YOUR BRAND.quantum-copywriterjoke

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  • 10 FB for Business pages you should check out

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 08.08.2018

    The bad news

    It might sound shocking but it’s not such an easy task to find Facebook pages that marketers and business owners can learn from.

    To start with, some of the most engaging Facebook pages are funny pages or sarcastic pages that don’t sell anything. Then, those who do are inconsistent – sometimes they post 3 times a week, sometimes they post once a month and finally even when they do post, the content that is posted on the page is not good enough, not being promoted in sponsored campaigns* or both!

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  • Marketing checklist for your website

    Posted in General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 22.06.2018

    Your website is similar to one shop in a huge (like, really huge – internet size huge) shopping mall – it won’t be noticed just by being out there.

    So you already invested in design, development and content, now let’s make sure that you have everything you need on it - from a marketing perspective.

    Here’s our suggestion for your website’s marketing checklist:

    marketing checklist for your website

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  • Our new tutorial series – How to Online Marketing

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 13.03.2018

    We’re super excited to share with you that lately we have been working on a new tutorial series – “How to Online Marketing”.

    These tutorials guide the viewer through small hacks on the different marketing platforms out there. Hacks that will save you hours of trying to figure out how to do stuff on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram and others. Further more, these series will assist you with the how-to's of more complex marketing concepts and their implementation.

    Here are the 2 main reasons we're doing it:

    • One of the fundamental principles at Quantum is the sharing of knowledge.
    • These tutorials are a tool for us as well – when communicating with others, we use them to simplify things (we’re not into talking big words that people don’t understand. Quite the contrary).

    Without further due, here are a few examples of the tutorials we shared on our YouTube channel.

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  • 2 online marketing methods that were relevant in 1998 and will still be in 2018

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips, General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 17.01.2018

    Every January, we all (marketers) enjoy doing it - predict new exciting marketing methods that will emerge into our lives in the upcoming year. We decided to take a different approach this year and talk about “old” online marketing methods that existed in 1998 will still work in 2018.

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  • 12 do's to rock your social media engagement

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips, Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides, General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 06.12.2017

    Most brands today manage at least 2-3 social media channels for their online visibility. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn or Twitter, when a customer or potential customers are engaging with your brand, there are a few must-do's (and don’ts) to leverage this engagement. Here they are:

    Social media engagement

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