• 7 Video Summary of 2014 that will Amaze You

    Posted in Digital Marketing Video Posts By Chen Hindi on the 26.12.2014

    The year is almost ending, Christmas is already behind us and a New Year is coming in a few days only.

    Before you start writing your bucket lists for 2015, stop and look back at this year through these amazing videos, brought to you in one place.

    Google - Year in Search 2014

    Google gives a look at this year’s events through our searches, with an optimistic message. We always like positive messages, especially if they come before a new year starts. Enjoy!

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  • Email Marketing

    Posted in General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 17.12.2014

    You probably don’t need an explanation to what is marketing emails, we assume you receive a few like these to your email every day.

    In case you want to be on the safe side – email marketing is the general term for the promotional emails sent by companies/businesses/organizations. Their content informs the recipient with news, updates, special events, special promotions and other up to date information.

    You might associate email marketing with junk emails, and in a many cases you’d be right but the truth is that email marketing is known to be one of the most effective marketing methods. And if this doesn’t convince you, think about it from a practical point of view – many companies still send marketing emails on a daily/weekly basis, many of them are not “rich” or big, if they do it, it means it’s working.

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  • Online Media Buying

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips, General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 16.12.2014

    Online media buying is the general term for the purchase of media “real estate”. When buying online media, price and position are main factors.

    Looking into the “offline” world, where the media buying started, we see that advertising on newspapers and magazines, billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, these are all media buying real estates.

    The main difference is that offline media sellers can only estimate advertising spaces’ impact but they can’t measure results.

    Magazines can tell you how many copies they print, sell and distribute but they definitely CANNOT tell you how many people ACTUALLY SAW your ad, how many people READ it and how many performed a sales related action (phoned your shop, came to your restaurant, searched for you online for more details, etc.).

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  • Facebook Advertising

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides, General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 15.12.2014

    Before we tell you a bit about advertising on Facebook, we would like you to take a few seconds to answer yourself 5 questions:

    1. Do you have a Facebook profile account?
    2. How many times do you use it daily/weekly?
    3. How many hours do you spend daily/weekly on Facebook?
    4. Do you share interesting links you see and “like” posts you support?
    5. In how many devices do you use Facebook? (laptop, table computer, tablet, mobile…)

    We are pretty sure we can “guess” your answers to these questions in a very high level of accuracy.

    While writing this blog post, China is still the most populous country in the world with a population of over 1.367 billion. Not for long. Facebook currently have 1.31 billion active users monthly, 864 million of these users, meaning 64%, are active DAILY. By next year, Facebook is expected to be the most populous country in the world, making it more powerful, stronger and influential than ever. (Update November 2017: Facebook has nearly 2.1 billion MAUs, 66% of them are active daily)

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  • SEM or why Google’s algorithms are smarter than you

    Posted in Google & SEM Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 13.12.2014

    Our simple explanation for SEM is - the paid ads a user sees after typing their search phrase, usually appear at the top and side bar (update: Google is no longer showing side bar ads) of the screen.

    But like everything that is good in life, it’s not THAT simple.

    In this post I will use Google as an example but keep in mind that other search engines do exist such as Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yandex (Russia), Baidu (China) and more.

    Google is the most popular search engine in the world as of 2021. If to shed some light on how big it is – Google handels trillions of searches every year. Google holds more than 90% of the search market online today whereas Bing, the 2nd most popular search engine holds only 2.3% of the global search engine market followed by Yahoo with 1.54% and Baidu with 1.28% (Keep in mind that Google is blocked in China).

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  • What is Online Marketing?

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 12.12.2014

    Online marketing, or in its many other names, online advertising, internet advertising, internet marketing, e-marketing, web marketing, etc. etc., is the general term for advertising on the internet platform.

    It includes hundreds of ways to advertise online, some of the ways you are very familiar with such as SEM (first ads you see in Google for example), SMM (ads you see on the side bar in Facebook for example) and Email marketing (marketing content newsletter sent by a company direct to your inbox) and others which you might not know but will find out about later on (content marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.).

    To make it simpler, there are three major types of online advertising – search, display and social.

    Search - advertising through search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the paid ads a user sees after typing his search phrase. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to promoting your website through relevant content to search phrases (blogs, articles, etc.).

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  • Constantly changing world…

    Posted in Quantum By Chen Hindi on the 12.12.2014

    It’s hard to catch up with the pace of developments in technology today and mass information flow. Generally the way the world is changing is so rapid, it’s so huge and it’s mainly unbelievable.

    It’s unbelievable because if you think about it, until 2-3 decades ago we didn’t even have the Internet. Most probably if you are reading this article, when you were a kid, a teenager and maybe much old at age, you didn’t even have a cellular phone. If you wanted to call your friend when you were outside a house/office, you needed to be on a mission. And let’s not even start describing what would happen if you wanted to communicate with overseas.

    And today?

    Well, if you are not online, in at least 2 different communication devices and active in at least 4 different communication platforms (emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many many many more…) it’s as if you are out of this world.

    You’re disconnected.

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  • Quantum Media Mauritius - Introduction

    Posted in Quantum By Chen Hindi on the 12.12.2014

    Hi and welcome to Quantum's blog!

    We don’t believe in one slogan, but we do stick to -

    “We Live. Online.”.

    We stick to it because it simply describes our lives in the past 10-15 years.

    “Well”, you’d say “everyone is attached to their mobile devices, social networks and emails all the time!”

    And it’s true! But...

    We loved it so much that it became our job. We could make it our job BECAUSE everyone is connected - living online - all the time!

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