• 12 Things to Consider When Building Your Website

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 02.04.2015

    When planning your shop, your house, or any physical property you might own, you hire for “the project” many professionals – architects, designers, construction, utilities and facilities pros, and many more. When you think about your website, do not mistaken to believe you need one gram less of attention.

    The main 5 professionals you’ll need for your website are (1) the designer, (2) the UX designer, (3) the developer and (4) the copywriter/content-writer. As for the 5th you’ll have to read until the end of this article :)

    1. DEFINE YOUR WEBSITE’S TARGET. Do you want to sell on your website?...

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  • Google Penalizes Non-Mobile-Friendly WebSites

    Posted in Google & SEM Marketing: Top Tips & Guides, Mobile Marketing By Chen Hindi on the 25.03.2015

    In case you haven’t noticed, the world is going mobile. And going strong.

    2014 was the year that officially the number of mobile devices exceeded the number of humans in the world. In three decades, mobiles went from zero to more than 7.2 billion. And this number is growing more and more every year. Not only the amount of devices but also their usage by the people who own them. That is, us, you, your clients, your potential clients, basically - everyone.

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  • 3 Things Happened on Facebook Lately that You Should Know About

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 23.03.2015

    If you own a Facebook Fan Page and you don’t know yet, here are 3 updates from the last few weeks that you should REALLY know about:

    1. “LIKES” CLEANUP. Facebook believes and acts according to relevancy. As you might agree, one of the definitions for a “relevant” user on Facebook is an active user. Nobody (including Facebook) really knows how many fake profiles exist on Facebook but there’s an understanding that these profiles only damage the platform’s dynamism and authenticity, even if allegedly these users “help” Facebook to increase the total number of Facebook users. As for inactive users, the principal is more or less the same but in this case, Facebook can identify them more easily and therefore “clean” them away from the Facebook for business’s platform. On March 5thFacebook announced a removal process of inactive users’ “LIKES” from pages that ended March 12th. If you saw a decrease in your Facebook page likes count, this is the reason. if you had a small decrease on your page’s number of fans, congrats, your "LIKES" were well targeted! If you had a big decrease, well… On one side, it’s not the best news of the month, but on the other hand, congrats! You got rid of irrelevant users on your page and can now focus on the ones that are really relevant!

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  • Vision of Our Tech Future (by Microsoft)

    Posted in Tech By Chen Hindi on the 27.02.2015

    Touch screens, smart phones, tablets, smart systems and technologies that took over our lives, might have seem to the average person, just a few decades ago, as science fiction.

    Being aware of these constant rapid technology changes, can’t keep the urge of wondering how will our future look like, in technology terms, just a few years ahead?

    Microsoft is trying to answer this question with a video released every few years, predicting the next few years to come.

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  • 7 Guidelines for Effective Marketing

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 12.02.2015

    Your marketing department is one of the most important departments in your business. Without it, people won’t know your product exists. With it, your sales can grow significantly big. Here are 7 guidelines to help you improve your marketing:

    1. PLAN IT! It might sound obvious but it’s not. Yes, we know, it’s hard to plan, the income figures change along the year, unplanned stuff happen, etc. etc.. If you have a business plan, you should have a marketing plan. If you don’t know how to build one, use people who know how to. You don’t want to end up in the end of the year with over exceeded marketing cost spent due to your non-existence-marketing-plan approach. If you want a rule of thumb - marketing yearly expense should be between 5% and 20% of the company’s sales turn over. This is an average range and of course it changes a lot from one company to another and from one project to another (for example, launching a new product vs. advertising an existent one). Bottom line is – you need to spend money in order to make money.

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  • Communication’s milestones or how has the world become so small?

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips, Quantum By Chen Hindi on the 05.02.2015

    Imagine you’re driving to an important meeting, one that was scheduled a while ago. One of your kids is sick at home with a babysitter and you need to check up on what’s going on in the office once every two hours.

    And then, your car brakes down in the middle of the highway. What do you do?

    Well, you use caution with your car and signaling you’re stuck. You call the important meeting to say you’re running a bit late, call the car service to come pick up the car, call a taxi through a number you find online, call the babysitter to check up on your child, call the office and say you’ll probably won’t make it back to the office but you ask to be updated on WhatsApp/SMS in any matter. Also, you schedule a Skype with the office manager to synchronize on some issues that you were supposed to be synced on right after the meeting.

    That was a bummer, but everything turned out well, you even made it home earlier to your child. You handled it very well, everything’s under control.

    Now, imagine the same situation exactly, just take it back 50 years ago. What do you do now?

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  • 11 Don’ts on your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides, General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 29.01.2015

    Ok. You know. You need to put your business on Facebook. Because it’s big, because it keeps growing, because everyone (including your clients) is there.

    But what happens after you create your page? Well, having a page, like we’ve mentioned before, is simply not enough. We see many businesses (even large scale ones), make big mistakes in the way they run their Facebook page and we thought of sharing some DON’TS with you, to avoid these mistakes:

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  • 5 Outstanding Digital Campaigns You Must See

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 22.01.2015

    Being outside of routine can get you very creative, so before you go on your weekend and get new ideas, here are 5 extraordinary-to-be-inspired-by digital campaigns which if you haven’t yet, MUST see:

    Honda – The Civic Type R Campaign

    The new Honda civic type R launched lately produced a brilliant digital campaign by the Japanese company. Honda created a “double-sided” story told around Honda cars – the new Civic and the new Civic Type R.

    On one side of the story, a dad picks up his daughter from school with his new Civic car. On the other side of the story, well... we won’t spoil it for you but we can say, expect some action.

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  • UX or How to Keep Your Users Happy

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 15.01.2015

    We’ve already mentioned in our latest blog post the amount of websites currently running and growing in the world is huge. Whereas we appreciate the effort of anyone to build a website and/or an app, we want to bring up one of the most important principals in this process (sometimes forgotten or not well paid attention to) - the user experience, also known as UX.

    Here’s a very simple example – did it ever happen that you went on a website, clicked one of the icons and reached the 404 page? Meaning, you reached nowhere? Did you ever go on your mobile to a website that didn’t fit your mobile’s screen? It was annoying, ah?

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  • 4 Tips for a 2015 Winning Marketing Plan

    Posted in General Online Marketing Methods and Strategies By Chen Hindi on the 06.01.2015

    Before you begin planning your marketing budget for 2015, you might want to know what to put emphasis on this year.

    The Internet is changing fast and so is the way users consume content. Your publishers change their rules accordingly. You should adjust your marketing plan properly.

    Here are the most increasing trends you should take into consideration when building your yearly marketing plan:

    1. Video Marketing

    Can you try and guess how many websites are online now, as you read this question?

    Take a guess. Think about it again.

    And now the answer…

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