• The "Open Sesame" of Online Marketing

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 20.11.2017

    You know how the saying goes for retail/food serving businesses? There are only 3 crucial elements for its success – location, location, location.

    It’s the same for most types of marketing campaigns, only with leads.

    We can hear advertisers’ objection through the screen so let’s just clarify –awareness and consideration as objectives are as important on the path to reach conversions. But they’re just that – “stops” on the way. Most brands in the world count their dollars, not their impressions. Leads are the gateway to a purchase and recurring purchases and therefore a safe bet would be to count on the former rather than the latter.

    Online marketing how to generate leads for your business

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  • [How to] Design Online Ads That People Care About

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips By Chen Hindi on the 15.08.2017

    Let’s start with the facts – I’m not a designer or anything that is remotely close to having good taste. Really. Even if the most brilliant design in the world will hit me in the face I will probably not notice it.

    I’m 100% marketer - online marketer to be precise and not, well… a designer with a natural instinct for visuals (unfortunately!). And as I know a thing or two about online marketing - an environment where brands need to create massive amount of artworks and visuals for many different marketing channels - I’ve gained much knowledge about designing successfully for online.

    In this article I’m going to share with you some of these insights and hopefully help out with better understanding the user behind the screen.

    Quantum_How-to(Blog) (1)

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  • A Day In The Life Of A Copywriter

    Posted in Copywriting: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 30.07.2017

    You don’t see me, but you may read my words everywhere and I may have played my part in the last house you bought or sold, the new personal development blog you’re following or your latest crush for Scandinavian style decoration! Whether you’re a blogger, digital marketer or a business owner who wants to write about your brand, here are the techniques I use to write about completely unrelated topics for 12 to 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.


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  • 4 Guidelines + 2 Case Studies For Engaging FB Activities

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 30.06.2017

    Since the organic exposure on Facebook decreased significantly (to say the least) and as sponsored ads are one but not the only way to increase exposure to brands, Facebook activities became a common mean to create awareness campaigns.

    But like everything in marketing in a disrupted world, to create a successful campaign you need to come up with activities that people care about.

    Here are 4 simple and basic guidelines to do just that, followed by two detailed examples that showcases these guidelines.

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  • Fast, popular and bigger than social media

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips, Mobile Marketing By Chen Hindi on the 30.05.2017

    Think for a second about the apps on your phone. Take another second to think about the apps you use on your phone. We bet that one of the (very few) apps you’re using is an Instant Messaging one (IM or simply messaging app).

    Most probably, it’s one of the apps you use the most, more than your social media apps (How many times a day do you open WhatsApp vs. how many times for Facebook?).


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  • 10 Useful Links for FB Marketers - from Facebook Itself

    Posted in Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Top Tips & Guides By Chen Hindi on the 31.03.2017

    Facebook is not only the biggest social network in the world but also controls, together with Google, the digital marketing sphere.

    As a marketer on Facebook’s massive platform, there’s a lot of information and details to keep up with. However, sometimes the feeling is that there’s too much information. So in this article we tried to put the most useful links that we think any Facebook marketer should know and that are coming from Facebook, the company itself.


    Read through and wait for the fun bonus link :)

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  • This Was 2016

    Posted in Digital Marketing | General Guides & Tips, Digital Marketing Video Posts By Chen Hindi on the 29.12.2016

    We did it in 2014, and then we did it in 2015, now it’s time to summarize 2016.

    Every year we bring you some great summaries from the most interesting channels online, in one post. The end of the year is a good time to look back, understand what interested people, what they were searching for, what they cared about and what they were hoping for. This was 2016.


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